Polyglycerol fatty acid esters from vegetal oils

Naturalis Life Technology

Soavirols are formed chemically by esterification of mixture of fatty acids, obtained from vegetal oils, to one or several hydroxyl groups of polyglycerol (Tetraglycerol, Hexaglycerol and Decaglycerol).

Polyglyceryl esters are important non-ionic surfactants with various applications in cosmetic.
In fact Soavirols can be used to emulsify, control viscosity, disperse and stabilize the final mixture.

They can be incorporated into hair styling gels, skin treatment gels, skin cleansers, baby creams, long-acting hand creams, moisturizing sunscreens, and sun-protective sticks.

Because Soavirols consists of natural glycerol and fatty acids, they are highly safe and totally biodegradable.


  •  Available in a variety of products, ranging from
             hydrophilic products to lipophilic products
  •  Excellent emulsifying capability even in an acid
             medium and in the presence of salt
  •  Fully biodegradable
  •  Thermostable even at high temperatures
  •  Highly safe
  •  Odorless