Naturalis Life Technology

SEAMOIST-CH is an effective moisturizing and antiaging active ingredient based on the extract of the 100% organic brown seaweed Cystoseira humilis, harvested in the pristine and clear waters of the Azorean sea, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our extraction process consist of ultrasound assisted extraction (UAE) , designed to keep the phytocomplex as unaltered as possible.

This marine source was selected by Naturalis because of its particular richness in bioactive compounds with moisturizing and antioxidant effect.

The use of brown seaweed Cystoseira humilis extract, rich in amino acids and effective polysaccharides on the skin helps to stimulate the endogenous production of collagen and all of the proteins that underlie the regulation of skin hydration, such as aquaporin 3, filaggrin and involucrine.


  •  Provide a moisturizing effect
  •  Increase skin protection
  •  Improve firming and deeper hydration of skin
  •  Reduces signs of aging



Cystoseira humilis extract

USE LEVEL: 2-10%