Niosome by Naturalis

Naturalis Niosome

NIOSOME TECHNOLOGY Niosome is a ultra-deformable vesicles made by polyglycerol monoesters. These vesicles can be used for the encapsulation of actives and to improve the bio-availability into the skin.
Niosome is an artificial spherical submicroscopic vesicles (∅ 150-250 nm), composed by amphiphilic molecules (like polyglycerol monoesters). The noisome core consists of an aqueous cavity, which is surrounded by one or more bimolecular sheets. The polar head group forms the interface at both the external and internal surfaces of vesicle bilayers.
The most important characteristic is the elasticity of the vesicle. This ability allows the niosome to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. As the vesicles are elastic, they can squeeze through the pores in stratum corneum (these pores are less than one-tenth of the diameter of vesicles).

Niosome properties:
These elastic bilayers are capable of spontaneous penetration of the stratum corneum through intercellular routes and have potential applications in cosmetics and drug delivery. In Niosoma the bilayer is completely without phospholipids and is done only for single-chain surfactants getting the most of elasticity/ deformability and therefore the maximum ability to penetrate the skin.

Advantages of Niosomes
- Increase drugs permeation through stratum corneum
- Reduces skin irritation caused by drugs and by products
- Extends the effective time of the active ingredient
- offer a controlled release of drugs encapsulated
- Reduce the amount of drugs which reaches systemic circulation and inducing toxicity
- For hydrophobic drugs increases solubility without the use of irritable solvents

For these reasons Niosome is a new and effective drug delivery system particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical.