Company Profile

Naturalis is a new and dynamic company which, thanks to the profitable support of in-house biologists and chemists team, with University and Pharmaceutical industry skills, develops and manufactures innovative active ingredients.

Naturalis gets inspired by nature and transforms the natural ingredients into technological products directed to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Naturalis make use of the most modern analysis and R&D laboratories, and groundbreaking manufacturing processes. We are, hence, able to guarantee the highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

In Naturalis’ laboratories, hundreds of plants coming from all over the World, are studied and analyzed. A minute screening of the functional substances is implemented to identify and characterize the biologically active molecules. Advanced processes of both dynamic and static extraction, purification and concentration of the active ingredient, allow to isolate the biologically purest and most active molecules. The biologically active molecules are inserted and conveyed through a special "CARRIER" widely known as NIOSOME, whose special feature is the ability to improve the stableness and, above all, bio-availability.

Naturalis have realized extremely efficient active ingredients, able to satisfy the needs of the most exigent demands coming from many sectors such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and, most recently, neutraceutical. This has turned into a substantial improvement of people's lives' quality.

Naturalis mission is, since ever, guarantee innovation, quality and safety to our clients.

We inspire to the highest ethic principles turned towards the respect of nature and environment and sustain, whenever possible, those markets adherent to fair ingredients.